Are Curious Kids Still Growing Grown-Ups?

Are Curious Kids Still Growing Grown-Ups?
Are Curious Kids Still Growing Grown-Ups?

Do Grownups Still Grow? – Emma, Aged Five, Uk

Some Parts Of Grownups Do Not Grow. Some Parts Do Grow. And Some Parts Seem To Grow But Really Do Not.

Grownups Cannot Get Taller. The Bones Of Their Arms, Legs, Chest And Neck Lose The Ability To Get Longer. This Is Because These Bones Grow At Their Ends And These Growing Ends Eventually Join Together Which Stops Growth In Height.

Curious Kids Is A Series By The Conversation That Offers Children The Ability To Have Experts Answering Their Questions About The Environment. Send It To [email protected] If You Have A Question That You Would Like An Expert To Answer. We Are Not Going To Be Able To Answer Every Question But We Are Going To Do Our Best.

For Example, Your Thigh Bone (rightly Called The Femur) Has Through Ends Between Your Hip And Knee. Such Rising Ends, Called An Epiphysis (pronounced Eh-pif-uh-sis), Can Be Seen As The Red Lines In The Rising Femur Picture Here. Through Introducing New Cells Into The Red Spaces The Bone Grows Longer.

You Stop Growing When New Cells Close Or Run Out Of Those Red Spaces. The Mature Femur Picture Indicates That The Epiphyses Have Been Closed And Development Is Over. This Happens To Girls When They’re Between The Ages Of 16 And 18 And It Happens To Boys When They’re Between 18 To 22.

Grownups Can’t Get Larger, But They’re Getting Shorter. People Start Getting A Little Bit Shorter After Age 30. At Age 55, They Lose About Two And A Half Centimeters Of Height. They Get Shorter Since The Links Between The Bones Are Squashed Together, Called Cartilage.

This Is Also Happening To Girls. Measure Your Height In The Morning When You Get Out Of Bed, And Then Again Before Going To Bed That Evening. You Would Be Slightly Thinner As The Cartilage Has Been Squashed During The Day. The Cartilage Stretches As You Sleep, And In The Morning You Get Taller Again.

Can Muscles Develop

Grownups Will Develop Larger Muscles If They Perform Exercise And Eat Healthy Food. Riding A Bike Or Running A Lot Will Improve The Muscles In The Legs. Lifting Weights And Pressing Ups Will Improve Arm Muscles. It Is Best For All Of The Muscles To Do Some Exercise.

Eating Lots Of Fat And Sucrose Food, Such As Too Many Chips, Crisps Or Candy, Will Make Adults And Kids Weigh As Fat. It Is A That Type, But Not A Good Kind. The Best Way To Remain Healthy And Grow Well Is To Do Exercise And Eat A Lot Of Different Types Of Nutritious Foods, Such As Fruits And Vegetables, And Just A Few Candy And Crisps.

Many Sections Of Adults Tend To Be Getting Larger. Grown-ups Often Have To Buy Larger Shoes And May Think Their Feet Are Rising. But The Bones Do Not Grow In Their Feet. What Is Really Occurring Is That The Ties Between The Bones In Their Feet Are Diminishing And The Arch Extending Out At The Bottom Of Their Feet.

Older Adults ‘oars And Noses Grow A Little Larger, As These Sections Are Often Made Of Cartilage, A Type Of Body Cell That Can Continue To Split Into More Cells As We Age. Noses Grow Just A Little Bit Larger, But The Ears Can Get Nearly A Centimeter Longer. Gravity Also Pushes Down On The Eyes And Ears, And As The Cells Get Older They Contract, Making Certain Areas Of The Body Look Larger.

Many Grown-ups ‘hands And Mouths Get A Little Bigger As They Get Older. This Is Because The Brain Produces Something Called Growth Hormone Which Makes Children’s Bones Grow Much Longer And Wider. Grown-up Brains Also Produce Some Growth Hormone, Which Can Expand The Faces And Hands. This Growth Is Normally Really Gradual, But A Few Grownups ‘brains Produce Too Much Growth Hormone And Then Their Faces And Hands Will Get Too Large. Physicians Will Avoid Different Procedures From Occurring.